Tandoori Chicken Panini Sandwich / Making Panini From Home / তন্দুরি চিকেন প্যানিনি স্যান্ডউইচ


Panini Sandwich or Panino is a type of grilled sandwich which is made using bread that is not typically sliced.

Baguette, Michetta and Ciabatta bread types are used to make Panini. This is a delicious, food that mainly consumed as either snacks or lunch. In England, it is one of the popular types of sandwich; both children and adult love them.
This is yummy and absolutely easy to make.


Appetizer or Lunch



Preparation Time:

10 minutes

Cooking Time:

5 minutes each

Total Time:

20 minutes


2 people


2 x Bread (sliced horizontally in the middle)
50 Grams of Mozzarella Cheese
1 x Tandoori Chicken Leg
10 Leaves Baby Spinach
1/4 Medium Sized Onions Ring
Extra Virgin Spray oil (as required)
Mayonnaise (as required)
Tomatoes (as required)
20 Grams Low Fat Butter

Panini Making Method

1. Lightly spray cooking oil on the top of the bread and bottom if you wish, then spread the butter very well inside.
2. Place tandoori chicken on the bread and then add all other ingredients one by one.
3. To prepare the grill machine, lightly spray some cooking oil on both parts and then adding the whole bread and press lightly.
3. 5 Minutes each bread that we require.

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