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Sweetcorn ‘Conquerer’ F1 Hybrid (Supersweet)


Well adapted to our indifferent summer weather
Long cobs
Superb eating quality!

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Later maturing, Sweetcorn Conquerer is well adapted to our indifferent summer weather. Strong growing plants 210cm (7ft) tall, with very few tillers (sideshoots), averaging three, 20cm (8in) long cobs per plant, each with 14-18 rows of kernels full to the tip. Sweetcorn Conquerer has superb eating quality!

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How to grow sweetcorn from seed

Sow seeds in mid-spring 4 weeks before last expected frost in your area, singly 1cm (0.5in) deep in 7.5cm (3in) pots of compost. Germination usually takes 6-10 days at 21-24C (70-75F).
Plant out 45cm (18in) apart when all danger of frost has passed, in blocks of short rows rather than one long row to ensure adequate cross pollination. A warm, sunny sheltered position in fertile, moist yet free-draining soil is best.