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Bangladeshi Seeds, Wax Gourd , Winter Mellon, Jali Kumra,জালি কুমড়া
Bangladeshi Seeds গোল পানি কদু, লাউ, দুদি , Round Gourd, Pani Kodu, Doodhi, Lau
Indian, Bangladeshi Seeds Kerela – Bitter Gourd, Karella, করল্লা, কড়ল্লা, কেরেলা
Bangladeshi Seeds IVY GOURD, Coccinia grandis, scarlet gourd tindora, তেলাকুচি


Seeds Name Seeds Image Full details
Lady Fingers Seeds Portal Cool Lady Fingers Seeds. Okra. Bendi Brendi. Chinese Bangladeshi Vegetable Seeds
NALI Path Salad Seeds Bangladeshi NALI Path Salad – Amaranth – Green Giant – 1200 Seeds
Lal Shag Red Seeds ScoutSeed Bangladeshi Lal Shag Red Army Seeds Winter Vegetable 5gm 2000 Seed.
Calabash Seeds Asian Vegetable Seeds Mottled Bottle Gourd,Calabash,Lagenaria siceraria,Melon, bầu sao(15 Seeds) by Kitchenseeds
Radish Mooli Seeds PREMIER SEEDS DIRECT Radish – MOOLI MINOWASE – 1500 Finest Seeds
Cucumber Julian F1 Seeds All of the seeds sold in our shop come from the best producers in the European Union.
Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkins are a warm-weather crop that is usually planted in early July. The specific conditions necessary for growing pumpkins require that soil temperatures three inches (7.6 cm) deep are at least 60 °F (15.5 °C) Pumpkins produce both a male and female flower; honeybees play a significant role in fertilization.