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Cumin Seeds Raw 50g FREE Delivery with orders over £10 or more!


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Whole Cumin Seeds (raw)

Labony Kitchen cumin seeds 50 Grams pouch.
Cumin seeds is an essential part of all curries and Indian cooking. #Cumin is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae, native to a territory including the Middle East and stretching east to India. Its seeds – each one contained within a fruit, which is dried – are used in the cuisines of many cultures in both whole and ground form.

Pouch size: 50g

Is cumin seeds good for weight loss?

Cumin seeds has great health benefits for fat reducing and weight loss. Cumin seeds can be used for weight loss as it is an effective weight loss remedy. Cumin seeds can help in burning calories faster by increasing the speed of metabolism and improving digestion.

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Although, we have taken every care to ensure the product information is correct. As the food product changes regularly, so the ingredients, nutrition value, allergens and dietary may change.

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Weight 50 g

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