King Prawn Malai Curry Video


Hello viewers and subscribers,

Welcome to Labony kitchen. Today we are going to cook one of the favourites and a popular curry around the world and this is no other than king prawn malai curry or some people live in call chingri malai Curry.

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To cook our king prawn malai curry, the following ingredients we would require:

King Prawn 500 grams
Chopped Onions
Chopped Tomatoes
Almond Paste
Coconut Paste
Turmeric Powder
Chopped Ginger
Garlic Paste
Chilli Powder
Natural Yogurt
Green Chillies
Clotted Cream / Fresh Malai
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

So let’s go through the cooking full stop I hope you will like it and enjoy the cooking and again thank you so much for staying with me.

In a hot pan I have added some chopped onions and now I’m going to fry them until it becomes golden brown colour.
So, in the coloured onions, I’m adding some chopped ginger, then I will try few seconds.
Then we are going to add the garlic paste into the coloured onions. Now I’m going to add some turmeric powder and we must remember to cook or Malai curry, we have to make the Malai taste very well.

After a while I’m going to add the chopped tomatoes and chili powders comma then I will stir them for some time.

Now I’m going to add a tablespoon full of natural yoghurt. Is there for a second and then I will add my almond paste and coconut paste.

After adding the above ingredients, we are going to cook the pan content very well, so that the raw taste of the ingredients will go away.

No I’m going to add a little bit of salt. Inter after reading the salt, I’m going to add my king prawns. As you can see they were and my friends, that they spices are thoroughly cooked and as soon as I edit my king prawn into the pen content and mixed well that looks gorgeous.

Now, I’m going to add our main ingredients and it is no other than the malai. So, before we are reading it we are going to stay out very well into the pot and then add them. Now, we are going to a stir the content well enough so that all of our spices and king prawns and more lies are mixed together.

Now, we are adding some green chillies which I have chopped in few bits.
Enter so friends as you can see my king prawn malai curry has been cooked and I served on a plate and it looks fantastic.

There is one point I would like to mention and that is king prawns really full of cholesterol, so we have to be careful what we eat to keep our balance guide to the standard we can add some extra salad which is mixed up various types of vegetables.

So friends thank you so much for watching and do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, like, share with your friends and families and until next video bye for now.