oday, I am showing you how to make chickpea flour / Cheakpea besan / Beson / Daler beson in a very easy way.
The Ramadan is just around the corner, people are locked down in Bangladesh and around the world because of coronavirus. There is no guarantee that good quality beson can be found in the shop. Hence, I am showing you how to make 100% good quality gram flour with how to save for later use for those who do not know how to make deshi beshon.

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Serving: 3-4 persons
Preparation Time: 2 Minutes
Cooking Time: 4 Minutes


1. Depending on your needs take some spilit chickpeas
2. Fry them on a pan without any cooking oil
3. Cool them and place them in a grinder for grinding your chickpeas
4. Add one teaspoon plain raw rice so that you can preserve the beson for long
5. Grind well.