How To Make An Egg omelette, Easy Way to Fry An Egg, Indian Egg Fry, ডিম ভাজা সহজ উপায়


Frying an egg is very easy, I tried to show you how to fry an egg omelette if you are a single person or a family man by using just some simple yet daily effective ingredients.
Egg Boiler with Poacher, Steamer and Omelette Maker:
An egg
Chopped finger chillies
Chopped Onion 1/4 of British onion
Chopped tomatoes x 1/2 of medium size

Add all ingredients into a bowl.
Stair them thoroughly/Mixing properly.
On a pan add some cooking oil.
Wait for a minute or so.
Pour your mixing into the pan.
Keep eye on the bottom so that egg doesn’t burn.
Lower the heating.
Now flip over your egg.
Another couple of minutes and done.