How to cut and deseed a lemon. A simple way to deseed lemon. How to deseed a chili quick and easily


Want to take out chilli seeds? We show you a quick and easy way of de-seeding.
This can be done in seconds however we take you slowly through at a viewable speed. This can be done in under 20 seconds with practice.
Always be careful when working with knives.

There are many various way people can cut their this lovely citric fruit/salad.

First, you can slice a lemon in half and then cut the inner membrane where seeds are stuck and then scrape seeds if there is any is still stick with the flesh.

Secondly, instead of cutting in half you can cut lemon from the side and keep cutting it until you reach to the end of it. This process doesn’t cut membrane where seeds are attached, meaning you do not even need to scrape leftover seeds.

Happy cutting!