How to bake a classic sponge cake in less than 40 minutes?


Preparation: 30-35 minutes
Baking: 30-30 minutes
Serving: 7-8 persons

Sponge cake has a delicate texture that has many hungry tummies. I am showing you how to bake a strong flavourful and perfect spongy cake. For the filling, I will be using creamy passion fruit.


I am taking around eight-inches diameter and 1½ inches deep sponge cake baking tray.
I will grease all over the sided and lined the base with a baking paper.

Flour (self-raising preferred): 175 grams
Eggs: 4 medium or 3 large
Baking powder: 1 teaspoon
Golden caster sugar: 170 grams
Butter (very soft): 180 grams
Vanilla extract: Half teaspoon
For dusting, icing sugar: as required

For the filling:
Mascarpone cheese: 260 grams
Passion fruit: 5-6
Vanilla extract: 1 teaspoon
Caster sugar: 2½ teaspoon
Fromage frais: 200ml

How to sponge cake
Step One. First things first, I will preheat my oven to 180C, if gas I will turn the knob to MARK 3.

Step Two. For the cake mixture, I am taking a large-sized bowl and a sieve. Place the sieve on the top of the bowl, add flour and baking powder in it then sift them so that any lump that remains at the bottom I can throw them away or else they may have some impact into our mix. After, add all other cake ingredients in the sieve. I do not need to add icing sugar at this stage. When adding butter, I need to make sure it is very soft. Using a hand whisk or an electric (if available), whisk the mix well until we get a smooth mixture. The whisking process may take around a minute or more.

Step Three. After whisking the mix, you will end up having a stiff mixture that may or may not drops off a spoon. If you need more water, add it and whisk again.

Step Four. Divide the mix into two and pour them into two separate cake baking tins. Place them on the middle shelf of the preheated oven. The baking may take around 32-26 minutes to complete. You can test whether your cake is done or not by using a toothpick or chopstick. Insert them in the middle and them out, if you get the clean stick out them the cake baking has done.

Step Five. Now, my cake baking is done, I will take them out from the oven and leave them for five minutes for it’s to cool down a bit. I am carefully peeling off the base paper. It’s very easy and definitely will peel off.

Step Six. I will leave the cake for an hour so that it is completely cool down. Now, time to add the filling.

Step Seven. To make our filling. I am going to slice the passion fruit (take seeds off of course). In a bowl, I will fromage frais, mascarpone, sugar, and vanilla essence/extract. Then whisk them well. The best things to do blem them for quick results, now add passion fruit and blend.

Step Seven. Take a cake base, place one cake on it, and some filling and place another cake. Dust of some caster sugar on the top and can decorate of your choice. That’s it enjoy!!