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Hello Viewers and Subscribers,

Welcome to Labony Kitchen. Today, I am going to make a very popular Bangladeshi snack. I am going to share with you how to make Chanachur in our very own home. It is a very simple recipe and I am making Chanachur without any kind professional equipment.

Let’s get started.

I am cooking Chanachur in few steps and I am going through them one by one.

The first step, I am taking a bowl and a cup of besson.

Now, I am adding some salt (to taste), some dry chilli powder and turmeric powder, then I am going to mix them well.

If we find any lumpy ball in our Besson, we have to break them so that the content becomes quite smooth.

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Once done, I am taking one cup of water, but adding very slowly; or else the Besson mix will generate too many bubbles.

When our batter is done, rest it for five minutes.

In a pan, I am taking a generous amount of extra virgin cooking oil.

When oil becomes hot, I am making the small one-inch sized shemai and fry them well.
Once small-sized shemai are fried, I am making another batter for large and thick-sized shemai. We will fry them as before.

Now, as instructed in the video, I am going to fry the bundi and prepare the spices.

Then, mix everything together.

That’s it!