Tap water: 3 Cups/750ml and one-third cup water
Sugar: 1 Cup
Strawberry powder: 2 tablespoons (add some 3-4 fresh strawberry paste if the powder isn’t available)
Corn flour: 1 tablespoon
Plain flour: 1 tablespoon

Step One. In a pan, add water. In our water, I am adding one full cup of sugar. If you wish, you may increase the sugar amount but do not reduce it. Stir a little. Now, add strawberry powder. Mix a little and lit the flame in the cooker.

Step Two. If you think the colour isn’t right, you may add a little touch of food colour. Remember, if you are not using strawberry in any form just using colour then you would need to add some strawberry flavour at the end of the mix. Boil the water until it reduces to around 450ml ish.

Step Three. While our mix in the pan, take a little jug or bowl of your choice, add one-third cup water, one tablespoon cornflour, plain flour, and mix well. Add the mix in our strawberry powdered water. Pour slowly and mix with a spoon. At this stage, you may use your flavour if you wish. After a while, our mix will turn into a thick liquid but not too thick remember. Similar to Thai or Corn soup. Turn the flame off and sieve with a net.

Step Four. Leave the mix in a cool place so that it turns to normal room temperature. When it cooled, place it in the deep freezer for two hours. If you need you may stir after one hour and leave again. Take some ice cream or lolly mould. Pour the ice cream mix or loli mix in the mould and leave them in the freezer for overnight. Cover the top of your mould using an aluminium foil and also it helps to insert ice-cream sticks.

Step Five. Next day, take out ice cream or loli from your mould. You may try a little warm water if ice cream are stuck in the mould.
That’s it, serve and enjoy!!