Ramadan/Ramazan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar and for the world Muslims. It teaches us how to be patience and learn to stay away from things that are not part of Sharia Law. Please fast whole day and await for a lovely Iftar that will give them some satisfying moment.

I would like to show how to make use of flattened rice and turn it into a lovely Iftar.

Recipe Name: Chirar Payes / Flattened Rice Desserts
Serving: 3-4 people
Preparation: Varies
Cooking: 20-30 Minutes or less

Flattened Rice
Condensed Milk (watch homemade condensed milk recipe here.)
Whole Milk
Powdered milk
Sliced banana
sliced melon
sliced other fruits of your choice
Some nuts for garnishing

How to make chirar payesh?: Watch full for full details.